13 June 2006

Last OB Appointment Today

Well Thursday's amnio will tell. I hope today will be my official last OB appoinment. I am so ready to have this little girl. I am feeling good about it right now. I feel like she is ready but everyone is telling to to not get my hopes up. I have. I know I shoudn't but it is to late. I am just really ready for the itching to stop.

My thoughts now fall on birth control. We had planned on Frank getting clipped but he has decided that is not what he wants to do. This news makes his sister a little crazy. I have already made it clear that I will not be getting my tubes tied. Why would I do that again? It took so much to untie them. We DO NOT want any more children. I am going to try and make sure I remember to talk to my Dr. today to have something lined up at my post natel exam. If not I will probably be knocked up again this time next year. And that would not be a good thing for so many reason!

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