18 June 2006

Sage Olivia Grace Is Here!

Born: 6/16/06 @ 11pm
5lb 12oz
19 1/4 inches long

She came barely 2 hours after induction. Started induction a little after 9pm and she came at 11pm on the dot. It was truly amazing. She is perfect. A head FULL of black hair. We are home now.

I did not tear and have no stitches. Feel surprisingly great! Will try and get pictures up soon.

Roman hugged and kissed her yesterday at hospital. Waiting to for his grandmother to bring him and to see how he reacts with her in "his" space.

Will give a more detailed story of birth latter.


Jay said...

a big congrats!!

I cant wait to see her

jenn said...

hooray! congrats! i'll come see you as soon as things settle down here. the utah gang will be here tomorrow and then i have to finish up wedding stuff. it will probably be next week or something?

Dottie said...


PAM said...

you were pregnant???? Haaaaa,just kidding congrats on pretty in pink!!!!

Bradley Egel said...

Congrats from everyone at the Nest...ours is only 80 some days away :)

The Egel Nest

marybishop said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! And Roman's first birthday pictures are great...can't wait to see Sage.

hugs and more hugs for a job well done!

Sarah said...

Yah! WIll and I were out of town for Father's Day and didn't get your message until after the fact. That is so awesome! I am so glad it went smoothly and no worries and now you have that beautiful girl in your arms, and of course, you can stop dressing Roman in dresses now! :P

Also, I can't find your number and Kristina doesn't answer her phone or return messages, so um when you have time, call me... so, i can bring over a meal or something like that.... and of course see that beautiful girl!