14 September 2006

Time Flies When Things Are Out Of Control

I know I have not updated since Sage was born but things were much hareder than I ever dreamed they would be. I cried nonstop the first week we were home. I never dreamed taking care of two babies would be so difficult. I cannot imagine how people manage twins.

Long story short things are much easier now. Sage is 3 months and Roman is 15 months. We have finally fallen into a routine. Roman still loves his little sister and Allen is the best "nanny" anyone could ask for. They are both VERY beautiful babies. Frank and I did a really great job making those angels. To bad there want be anymore.

I miss Rita very much and Kris and I are talking more than we have in a long time. It is really nice to reconnect with her. We have more in common now than we have had in the past(marriage, stepkids, ect....) and its nice. She is one of the few connections Ihave to the world outside of this house.

Picture update coming soon. I can't help but show them off I am soo proud.

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Dottie said...

I miss ya, but I know you are staying busy, busy, busy. Can't wait to see more pics of your adorable babies!