27 April 2006

Sorry, We're out of Milk

Yesterday was the first day and night that Roman was not nursed. I have been feeling things change in that area for a couple of weeks. We had pretty much gone to night nursing and only one or two times a day. That was bad a enough. Roman has been slow putting weight on so the doctor suggested at his 9 month check up that I try him on formula once a day. Needless to lay he was not hav'in it. He will drink a cup of juice a day but NO formula. I can understand because it smells terrible.

Well the day before yesterday he bit the fire out of both of my nipples. It hurt, BAD! Frank suggested that I pump for a couple of days to give them time to heal. I started pumping upon waking yesterday and then two hour after that, producing less than half an ounce. I was devastated. How long has this been going on? Is this why he bit the crap out of me? Have I been dehydrating my baby?

When I started out nursing him I committed to a year. It's been a week short of 11 months. Rita says that is great. I think not so much, I am not done.

Yesterday left me with a delimia of what in the world is my baby going to drink? I tried formula again. After he threw it across the room I called his doctor. She said that she was not happy about it but whole milk and vitamins would be fine. I was already doing the vitamins so I got the milk out. Guess what? He hates that too. For those who no nothing about breast milk it is sweet. Making everything else taste bitter I guess. I finally broke down and added a tiny drop of strawberry syrup against my better judgement and of course he loved it!

Well, last night I convinced him his pacifier was ok, instead of my boob. He actually did ok. So just like that, It's over. I am so sad. I was not done. I am going to miss nursing my little baby. Yeah, I know I have one that will be here in about 7 weeks that will be breastfeeding but it's not the same. I. Want. To. Breast. Feed. Roman. The. End.

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