03 May 2006

And You Thought Frank Was His Father


sponge bob

As pointed out so kindly by Pam, my child has Sponge Bob teeth. Ok, fine. I admit it. Frank is not Roman's father. But don't tell him because Sponge Bob is to big of a star to come and father his son. I need Frank around to take up the slack. Now I bet you are wondering who fathered the girl. I will keep it to myself, why should ya'll know everything.


Dottie said...

Oh my god. That is freakin' hilarious.

pam said...

good morning crusty crew,i bet she has patriks color

HotMama said...

Don't spoil the surprise Pam!

Hi Dottie

Jen! said...

Hey Robin, it's Jen! (Eisenmann, that is) Love the Sponge Bob post. :) Anyhoo I need your address, can you send me a message on my MySpace? (yes i am sooo trendy)

Dottie said...

Even though I already posted a comment on this blog, I have to post again. I keep coming back to see if you've written something new, and although you haven't I still wait around for the pic of Roman to fully show up on my screen. It makes me laugh so much. He is adorable.