16 March 2006

Wrong Number


Me: Hello
Him: Who's this?
Me: Who's this?
Him: Gigalo
Me: Ummm...Who else could it be?
Him: Longdong
Me: Hehehe...Who else could it be?
Him: Bigdaddy
Me: Ok, really who is this?
Him: Chris
Me: Chris who?
Him: Chris Mc*****
Me: I don't know any Chris Mc*****
Him: Maybe I dialed a wrong number.
Me: Yeah, but it's been entertaining.
Him: That was pretty good, huh?
Me: Yep
Him: I'll call the right number now.
Me: OK



I went to my 6 month OB appointment today I will tell you about it tomorrow. I am to tired to do it now.

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