13 March 2006

No Really, We Went Fishin'

This is how all Sundays should be spent. Fishing with friends and relaxing with our kids. When we left our fishing spot there were three balloons be filled and launched and we got their in time to see them do their thing. It really was a good day. Hopefully one of many for the this summer.

RitaPita and Xavier fishing in the canal beside her house.

Hotmama and Roman. Cute hat right? Not me, him silly.

Trey fixing his fishing pole. He is sooo the teen with the long hair.

Hotdaddy and Nelson. Somehow we did not get one picture of Allen. Weird.

Hotmama and Roman again. Looking hot of course. Roman, not so much Hotmama.

Roman after he put a serious hurtin' on some ginger snaps.

RitaPita's pride and joy. Notice his new snazzy Sponge Bob Square Pants fishing pole.

Hot air balloon picture number one but actually hot air balloon nuber three in launching..

This picture taken for sister-in -law that is a major Georgia fan.

How many people does it take to fill up a hot air balloon.

You can see what a gorgeous day we had yesterday.



RitaPita said...

So glad you got these up. That one hot air ballon pic is AMAZING!

We had a blast with you guys.

I hate that pic of me.

I tired to get a pic of Allen but he was acting all sullen and teenagey.

Love Ya!

(Hey, why didn't you post about the damn ballon dipping into the water and scaring the SHIT out of everyone?)

Olivia said...


Hah - that is cool that I see them again in someone I know's blog.
That red & black one was really pretty.

Well sounds like you had fun. :-)