17 March 2006

23 weeks Pregnant


I went to the OB yesterday. I was officially 23 weeks yesterday but my belly measures 25 weeks. I have no idea what that means. The midwife said that I just may have a big baby in there.After having 4 little ones I highly doubt that.

I have finally gained some weight. As of last checkup at 19 weeks I had only gained a half a pound for the whole pregnany because of morning sickness. So I was very happy to gain five punds making a grand total of 5 and a half pounds now. Yeah!!!! With Roman i had already gained like 20 punds so I was very worried. I feel better now and with the combination of big belly I REALLY feel better.

My Blood Preasure looked good which is great because of my history of non-pregnant high BP. Baby girl's heartbeat sounded great. I am showing no signs of preterm labor and only have slight itching going on. All looks good.

Next appointment is on the 16th of April. Pray that I will still be itch free. I am.

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