01 March 2006

Ash Wednesday

Well from my understanding today is the first day of Lent. I have never participated in this before. But for some reason I felt a stir to give something up for God when I found out today was Ash Wednesday.

The thing I have decided to give up is Coke. The soda not the drug. Duh. I gave the other up a long time ago.

When I am not pregnant I live on Coke. I have allowed myself to have one or two a week with this pregnancy. Something I did not do with Roman. I did however allow the occasional cigarette when I was pregnant with him. What the hell I thinking. That made noe sense. NO caffine but the cigarettes, OK. Anyway I'm stupid.

Ok, anyway. I LOVE me some Coke. So I am not going to have one until the day after Easter. Or is it Easter. Ooooh, I need to check because that's like a whole day I can be having a Coke.

Allright, recap, no Coke. giving it up for Lent. Stupid because I snuck cigarettes with last pregnancy. But smarter now because I am sooooo over the smoking thing. Yeah God!!!

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