10 March 2006

Labor Pains?

I was going to tell guys aboput this yesterday but had a busy day and I get really tired very fast now.

I woke up a 3am yesterday morning with terrible back pain. I drifted back to sleep and woke up again at 4:30 with back hurting even more. I came downstairs snd took a Tylenol. That did nothing for the back pain. At around 5:30 or so I realized that my belly seemed to hardening up. I was not really sure that it was contractions at this point, my uterus itself only comes up to just past my belly button because I am only 22 weeks along. I lay there awhile and realized that my back seem to hurt more everytime my belly got hard and this is definitely contrations. At 7am I call my midwife and she tells me to drink as much fluid as possible and lay down for half an hour. Well 30 minutes latter I feel much better. Contractions and back pain gone.

I did this with Roman but it was much latter in pregnancy so I am going to have to be careful and make sure I get plenty of fluids. It is WAY to soon for baby girl Carr to make her appearance.


Kris said...

Yep, you have to make sure you DON'T get dehydrated. It is one risk factor in premature contractions leading into premature labor. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER GIRLY!!!

love you!!!

Bradley Egel said...

This is good advice to know for my wife when she get sinto the 20 week range :)


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