16 May 2005


I went to the hospital today for the first of my biweekly nonstress test. I have been doing this for going on 2 months now. This should only take anywhere form 30 minutes to an hour out of my day on Monday and Thursday. It has only been this short about half the time because I am always contracting or something. The worse time was a couple of weeks ago when they gave me a IV for dehydration. Todays was long and boring. I have had the misfortune of getting the worse nurse on the floor to do my test the last 3 visits. She hooks me up and then never returns to check on until an hour or an hour and half. She then flies in and says everything looks good without checking the srip that comes out of the NST machine and sends me home. I leave hoping everything is ok.

Today I went in for the usual but tell her I thought maybe I was leaking amniotic fluid so she makes me undress and get in the bed so she can stick something my vagina to test for fluid and leaves me there for two hours. I lay there bored nad waiting until I see a pair of white socks in clogs coming towards the curtain and see my Docs face come into the room. DR.M comes in and ask how I am feeling and I tell her tired because I have only gotten one hour sleep because I am itching so bad. Dr.M looks at my strip and tell me that I am contracting a lot and that she thinks I will go in labor before the 30th when she is doing amnio and then inducing me. She says that she is still going to pull my stitch next Monday. I try to talk her into doing it today since she is here, I am here, and my cervice is here. She refuses. She does say that she is going to move my amnio up but did not give me a date as to when this might happen. So I am waiting again.

After Dr. M leaves bad nurse flies in and says that she is going to call Dr. M's office and then I can leave. I sigh and inform her that Dr. M was in their 5 seconds ago. "Oh, well you can go now." Jeez lady get it togeather.

Dear Lord,

Please don't let her be my nurse when I do go in labor.


So now i have been having contractions nonstop for over 24 hours but nothing consistent so I wait!

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