25 May 2005


I know you people are tired of pregnancy updates but that is all that my life is right now. My Amnio has been changed from Monday to this Friday. Induction is still on for Tuesday thus far.

My husband sucks because I want to go and walk around the block today to see if I can go in labor. He want let me because he is scared I will go in labor during the finale of "Lost" and he might miss it. Duh, it would not happen that fast and there are TVs at the hospital. I am trying to do anything to avoid that big amnio needle. For those that beleive in the power of prayer, pray that I go in labor soon even if it is during stupid "Lost"

Rita I miss you, I swear I will be normal again soon and call you all the time like I used too.


RitaPita said...

I miss you too.

Who the hell is normal these days?

RitaPita said...

Robin, I hijacked your blog and ditched the counter for you :)

In case anyone is wondering, Robin's doctor is crazy and apperently has a death wish. Robin WAS NOT induced last week but will be induced THIS Monday.

Everyone say a little prayer for Baby Roman.