05 October 2005

Perfectly Healthy Baby

Baby Roman had his 4 month checkup yesterday and besides the fact he seems to have a little cold his doctor said he is perfectly healthy baby. He weighs 15 pounds now. He carries at least 13 of those pounds in his thighs and knees. He recieved 3 shots yesterday that almost killed me and him. You see my baby does not cry. He has never had real reason to cry I am always their to stop whatever could make him cry. The most he ever gets worked up is in the night when he is hungry. These hunger tantrums only last seconds because he is in the crib right beside me so before he can really cry I snatch him up and save the day...night. But yesterday it all changed. He was all smiles as the evil nurse enters. She takes his wonderful smile away in about 2 seconds with three pokes of three needles. He cried so hard that he actually had tears. Real tears that streamed down his perfect soft face as he tried to catch his breath. I sat their wishing I had something to catch those tears in so I could save them forever. After five minutes of crying as he tried to nurse he stopped, only to start up a second latter as relived the horror he experienced five minutes earlier. I try to tell him everything is OK but all he says is, " No its not it, It will never be OK again!" But after another five minutes he was fine and he was OK and the world did not end. I did however informFrank to plan on taking half day off on December 7 because I want him to have the joy of shot day. why should I keep that all to myself. I am giving person I want him to have some too. Don't you think that is fair.

Now here are some pictures of the perfectly healthy baby. My pitures are actually 2 weeks behind because I do not have a digital camara so we have wait for pics to be developed. These are him at about 15 weeks he is about 17 weeks now. I however have pics being developed as we speak. God forbid my child goes a day with the paparozzi (how in hell do you spell that?) chasing him. He is going to grow up thinking he is a celebrity and will not understand why his wife is not running behind him taking his picture as he poops or eats. I will just tell him it's because she obvioulsy does not love him as much as I do.

This is Frank playing the one-eyed baby game with pip sqeak monkey legs

Roman at Arts in the Heart of Downtown Augusta. What you can't see is how freakin hot it was that day!

Look at those big fat sleeping cheeks

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