28 October 2005

Romance 101

Frank I were suppose to have romantic night tonight. As usual it probably will not happen. I had set it up with my mom two weekends ago to watch Roman while Fank and I went to "dinner". I can't very well tell her that we really were planning on coming home and drinking a couple of glasses of my favorite wine and having loud sloppy sex without having to worry about putting my kids into counceling latter because they heard it. It is bad enough that Trey walked in on quiet married sex last weekend and then pretended that he never actually opened the door. I spent 20 minutes trying to pry out of him what he saw without actually saying "Do you know what we were doing?" Lucky for us I still had my t-shirt on and it was a quickie to put my husband to sleep. Because if it were a lets put Hotmama to sleep we would have a whole lot more "splainin" to do. He would still be in a fetal postion somewhere trying to wipe the image out of his mind.

Back to the romantic night. Its hard to talk Frank into these things. His idea of getting things going is him grabbing his crotch and saying "You want some of this?" I know ladies don't get jealous. He's all mine!

But now the day is here and my sister Kristy is coming into town with my neice. Now I just want ot go and hang out with them because I only get to see them about once a month. We also have a trip planned to go Helen Ga. tomorrow and I have to go get film. God forbid we go anywhere wiyhout film. My child would not know how to react without the paparazzi chasing him.

I guess I will figure it out. Maybe I can try to squeeze it all into one night. I have been drunk with a afterglow at Walmart before I guess i can do it again.

So the plan:

1) take baby to mama's and get boys to their dad's
2) drink wine and have loud sloppy drunk sex
3) visit with sister and neice
4) buy film and pack for day trip
5) be at mother-in-law's house by ten or eleven tonight and try to sleep before leaving at a ungodly hour to go to Helen in the morning.

Wish me Luck

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