27 October 2005

Happy Birthday Tabbie

This is a name some of ya'll have not heard. It's my sister. Every year from Oct. 27 to Dec. 6 are the exact same age.

Will fnish latter baby is fussing..........it's now 14 hours latter. I want to finish while it is still her brthday.

My sister has a lot of problems. She is a self admitted meth addict. My mother is raising her kids and we usually go for weeks at time without hearing from her, hoping she is not dead. The longest we ever went was a year. Finding out she was living three hours away.

Our faimly is playing tuff love with her rihgt now. For years she has floated in and out of all of our lives. She has been particularly hard on my mother, guilting her out of clothes, money, and cars on her "I promise I am going to change. Can I stay with you until I can get back on my feet." Right after Roman was born she showed up at my house looking for somewhere to stay for a couple of days. After a huge fight and a lot of terrible words she left then went and got into it with my parents who made her leave their house too. She has been even more distant since then and living even more secretive than usual. She want give any info of where she is or a phone number.

I do love her and worry about her al the time. I pray for her safty all the time. Everytime I hear on the news that body is found I always hold my breath until I hear it is not her.

I know you will not read this but I do love you sister. Happy Birthday! I hope your 35th year is the year you come back to us.

Your Big Sister


Brady said...

So what kind of music did you say you stripped too?? sorry i read your blog and all i could remember was that you said you were a stripper......crazy how guys think huh....or am i a lesbian......got to love the web!!!

john said...

wow cant believe i just found your blog robin really like it
love you, frank and the kids even the one ive only seen pictures of

HotMama said...

YEAH!!!!! comments.

Irish eyez- It really depended on the mood I was in. I have a strange sense of humor so It depended what kind of night it was. I will try to give more detail in another post. Thanks for stopping by.

John- Thanks, glad you found it too. I will try to keep it interesting for you!