20 October 2005

Educating Allen

People have been asking me how Allen's homeschooling is going. Well it seems to be going great. He was born to be homeschooled. The last couple of years when he was in regular school he called at least 3 times out of the week for me to pick him up. He always had a headache or his stomach hurt. I was beginning to think he had a tumor because his head hurt so much. When he failed the 7th grade for the second time and I went into panic mode. And when we started this whole endeavor I was terrified. But since we have started I have figured out that I think Allen has social anxiety and this is a good fit for him. Frank worries about him not having enough interaction with other kids. Well we lucked out and one of his friend from up the street is homeschooled to so they meet up every day at about 2:00 and do what ever it is that 13 and a 14 year old does.

I think the only thing that he is missing is the abuse of middleschool and I am thankful I could save him from that. Kids at that age are so hurtful. I HATED middle school. I wish I had an option maybe I would not have as many issues if I could have been saved from it. I want say it is the root of all my problems because my childhood really did a number on me but it did not help. That is for sure. But back to him....sorry......he is doing great.I think we finally made a good decision. I guess the odds were eventually in out favor.

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