22 September 2005

Reservation For One

There are just a couple of things that I believe God reserves a special place in hell for those people that do horrible things to others here on earth.

Let me share one that I hope fits. My X-husband called me yesterday to let me know that the three Playstation games and the unopened BIRTHDAY card with $50 in it from his memaw and Papa to my 12 year old son has been stolen while he was working. How in the world do you open up a little boys birthday card and steal his money and the freakin brthday card. What a low life. I would like to think that it was someone that really needed the money and ........games. Naw, that is the work of a crackhead. I hope he remembers that card addressed to a little boy when satan ushers him to his hot ass seat in hell.


I have gotten the urge to start posting again. I have several things lined up in my head to talk about. Hopefully I will back tomorrow to share them with you.

Oh and by the way my baby is still beautiful.

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