06 February 2006

What's For Dinner 3

Why I did not post one "What's For Dinner" this weekend will be explained latter today. And pictures too. I still have to wait for Rita to post them for me to edit because Blogger is CRAZY and won't let me upload pictures from my computer.

Cube Steak
Homemade Mashed Potaoes and Gravy
Broccolli With Lemon Pepper

One of many Southern meals my husband craves. Only draw back is standing over a hot sove frying meat for a hour and a half. Results are always yummy and the men in my life are happy.


jenn said...

i like your "what's for dinner". that's pretty creative. we should hang out sometime. i'm not in school so i have extra time. rita won't hang out with me. =)

RitaPita said...


you are one to talk.


it is obvious you only love me half way. trashy flip flops but no soup.

you don't even care that my kidnappers are beating me.

HotMama said...


I was strying to find something new to do when i thought of that. I am so bored with everything. I'll be happy to do something with you. Just call me when ever you have a chance. Rita and Jen, Play nice, girls!


Hey, I did the best I can . I am SICK but still find time to make sure you are not dead and drop stuff on your doorway. Waiting for my morning phone call that I have not goten in like ohhhhhhh.....3 weeks!

Bradley Egel said...

There IS something sexy about a woman cooking for you...although I like to cook for my wife too...is that sexy??? Not sure :)

But it tastes good either way :)

Th Egel Nest

jenn said...

rita! you hooker. i waited wednesday night! i even called your not working phone!!!
sorry robin-- your page is neutral ground!! haha

robin, you know how i told you that my cousin had a baby like 2 weeks after you? at christmas, she told us she's pregnant again. due in august. how crazy is that? maybe y'all are twins.

HotMama said...

very funny Jenn