03 February 2006


Rita tagged me for the 10 Most interesting Things about me thingy, here goes.........

1) I am obsessed with serial killers. Not the I want to marry one in jail obsessed but the I need to read, whatch, and discus as much as I can about serial killers obsessed.

2) When I was little I always had to lick my pillow before I went ot sleep. I still do sometimes.

3) My all time favorite song is War Pigs by Black Sabbath. My second favorite song is One by Metallica.

4) The first song I ever Stripped to was Livin' On The Edge by Aerosmith.

5) All time favorite movie is If Lucy Fell

6) I love war movies, always have. My favorite being Platoon

7) I am a huge Elton John fan. Have never had a chance to see him in concert but still hold out hope that it will happen one day.

8) Even thought I made a living taking my clothes off for many years. I MUST wear underwear. I think it is gross not to. Why? Women leak!

9) I have a terrible habit of hiding food from my children and then eating it in the middle of the night. These foods are all chocolate. Cookies, cake, candy bars, and candy (chocolate covered raisens, ect.).

10) I was a card carrying, rainbow flag waving, gay pride coming out of my ears lesbian for one year of my life. I mean proud. Told everyone in my life, including parents, I was never going back to men, lesbian.

OK, Now I tag Dottie!


RitaPita said...

War Pigs!!!!

How the fuck did I not know that about you?

Yeah, that whole not going back to men thing didn't really work out for you :)

I have been to HotMamas house a million times and folks.. I know where she hides the good stuff. Frank on the other hand, just leaves stuff out and you dare not touch it or fear he will rip your arm off.

HotMama said...

I have to keep you guessing. It keeps the spark in our relationship.

Does loving these songs make me look like a old pathetic metal head. I hope not I just really like the songs.

RitaPita said...

lol.. you are such a nut.

Pethetic? no. Old? no. Metal Head? Dear God, yes.

HotMama said...


Cool, Not many people have interest in serial killers. Most can't even get through my 'true crimes' to intense for them. Sadley It takes alot to shock me because of these books and I always label anyone I see. Serial killer, child molester. phyco....you get the picture.

Bradley Egel said...

HM -

Thanks for responding...my comment (like many on Blogger lately) got eaten up...but I see your response :)

The Egel Nest

Cate said...

I keep saying that every new list I read is the best, and this one is definitely a contender! Wow! And I have such a fondness for you because "If Lucy Fell" is one of my favorites, too. How could that movie not have been more successful--it's brilliant--esp. Joe. And I LOVED Bwick Elias! I'm so glad Rita tagged you.