01 February 2006

Thanks For The Support

I went back today and looked at the comments. Thanks to Jenn for stopping by and reading too. It does feel good to know that people are actually reading the stuff I slap up here when I get a chance. I do not always have time to reply to comments but if you comment I will try to respond as fast as I can.

Basketball Update:

Poor Nelson's team got creamed but it wan't because he did not try. he even ran I knew he would. He has requested a headband because he said sweat rolls in his eyes. I guess I will be looking for the coolest sweatband I can find for my little basketball player.

I have a terrible sore throat. Going on about 3 days now. I am willing to do anything to make the pain stop. Well except for Frank's idea to "coat" it with something magic that will make it feel better. Use your imagination. He's such a ASS! Believe it or not I did not jump all over that idea, I know crazy, right. What woman wouldn't jump at that one?


Olivia said...



RitaPita said...

Why do so many guys think that the penis is the cure all for EVERYTHING?

Man, I have cramps...
got something to
help you with that baby

Oh, got a toothe ache!
got something to
help you with that baby

I stubbed my toe!
got something to
help you with that baby

Gee Whiz, I would love to have sex right now.
Snoring Noises