09 February 2006

Hilton Head

This is the story of what we did this past weekend.

My sister-in-law called Friday around noon and said “hey do ya’ll want to go to Hilton Head this weekend?” I think my answer came out in squeals of delights and a “Hell yeah!” She said good we’ll be leaving at 3pm.

*Here is the part where my heart breaks

3pm! What!

After an hour of Frank trying to arrange getting his check early and me making phone cal after phone call try making arrangements with my mom and ex-husband to do the every other weekend exchange of the kids. I started packing like mad woman. For some reason in the middle of this I decided that I needed to clean my closet out. Not just clean it out but pack up all the clothes I haven’t worn in well over two years. And probably never will again. By 3pm I was packed. All of mine, Franks, and three hundred ponds of stuff it requires to travel with a baby.

We drove up with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Stopping only to pee and by cheetos and sunflower seeds for me and a hot sausage and beef stick for sis.

We got in Hilton Head at about 8:30 and went straight to eat our first fabulous dinner. There was this little tiny restaurant called Stevie D’s. A delicious New Orleans style restaurant with writing on the wall in the place of a menu and every square inch covered by something that was New Orleansey. I ate mouth watering blackened mahi here.

From there we head to out hotel to check in a get settled for the night. This is where my sister-in-law got her butt kicked in rummy. Even thought she will never admit to it.

Next morning after two hours of taking turns getting dressed we headed for a warm breakfast at Crackbutt Barrel before we started shopping at the outlets. We shopped until about 7pm and went back to the room to change for dinner.

This is when my favorite meal of the weekend happened. I had a dinner of lobster tail, stuffed flounder, and crab cakes at the place called Steamers. We then went back to the hotel and passed out.

Next morning we took the baby down to the beach. We did not do it Saturday because it was raining and unfortunately Sunday’s trip was brief because it was about 30 degrees. I took a bunch of pictures to capture this great moment of my baby seeing the ocean for the first time.

After that we shopped some more and went to a restaurant called the Crazy Crab where I ate the most delicious she-crab soup I have ever had. It was sooooo good. So good that I have bought my own ingredients to make more because that was not enough. Then we came home, perfect weekend. I am so happy to get along with in-laws. (I think I always say that but realy it is such a big deal for a good marriage.) We always have so much fun. I can’t wait until our next trip!

Roman eating his first cracker. He is getting so big. We ate alot this weekend. Mama ate lobster tail, mahi, and stuffed flounder and all Roman got was crackers.

I'm cold but i am to cute to notice!

Daddy what's over there!

Hey mama, I love you but stop taking pictures, it's freezing!

I know, can that outfit be any brighter. Look at it this way. I won't loose him. This was the lobster tail night. See how happy Roman is that I am having a yummy dinner.

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That is the Orange-iest cutest outfit ever! :)

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