07 February 2006

What's For Dinner?

Blogger just let me post today and it is late afternoon. If it is actually up and running tommorow I will tell you about my weekend. It was very good and spontaneous. I can't tell a good story without pictures so I have to make sure blogger is not going to act crazy.

What's For Dinner:

Corn Chowder
Avacodo/Bacon/Chicken Sandwiches

I stole the sandwich from a local restaurant. Mine is not as good as the original but it is damn close.


Dinner is a no go! Frank has to work late and I still have to go to the grocery store. Looks fast food in our future. Maybe we will try it tomorrow.


Bradley Egel said...

Even though it was a no go..it sounded promising!

The Egel Nest

Cate said...

I appreciate "damn close" to the original, esp. when it comes to restaurant food. Feel like I'm constantly trying to recreate restaurant stuff--soooo much cheaper!