14 July 2005

The Post With No Name

Well I guess I have writers block. I have been racking my brains for days trying to think of something to write about but cannot come up with anything. So obviously I must write about that. I will also to follow up soon with stripper tale #2. I know, I know it has been a ridiculous amount of time since stripper tale #1. But give me a break people I am typing one handed here.

I must also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby here. Today is Franks 33rd birthday (I think, I am really bad at keeping up with birthdays) we are planning a very small BBQ tonight. This will be much smaller in comparison to BBQs held last year for the sheer fact that we apparently have cooties and ran all of our "friends" off. I only bring this up because I am still a little bitter and pissed about the whole thing and still do not understand how you have 20 million friends one day and then 10 the next. Not that 10 are bad most people would be very happy to have 10 friends, even one would be good enough for them. I am just angry because the group of friends we had were also the church we went to and we were always told that it would not be easy but we would have to love each other through the "crap" anyway. Apparently this motto only applies to a chosen few. I know this will come off like am really pissed and I am dwelling on this but I am not. I am only thinking of it today because it is Franks birthday and even though we are having some really great friends over tonight, the one person I know Frank would love to have here will not be here because of this shit, and that makes me very sad. This person is really really missed by Frank even though he would never say it. So I chose today to mourn the death of that friendship for my husband.

Well I am off to clean the house before tonight. I also must cut my fingernails because I stabbed my poor 5 week old baby with one and feel like SHIT about it.


Dottie said...

Robin I had a great time at the party last night. Thanks for having us all over. I don't know what drama happened with the church (even though I have been at the church for years now I still often feel like I am completely out of the loop and that's not always a bad thing). But remember that not everyone there feels a certain way just because one or two loud, obnoxious people feel that way. I'm sure most people there would love to see you and miss you very much.

hanson said...

Come on Robin...that's just a little unfair.
I feel compelled to respond simply because I love my church...warts and all!
There's no profit in playing the blame game because everybody shares some...we aren't perfect, but you know how much time and energy we invested in trying to develop a relationship with you guys...it's a two way street!

I'm open to continuing this discussion in some arena other than your blog.

laurenbove said...

Hey hot momma: You rock and no worries: Friends are overrated.

xxx and ooo and Happy Bday to your hotdaddy.

jenn said...

robin, i'm not getting in the middle of this nor am i taking sides, but keep in mind that it was you and frank that left our church. i asked you guys to come to the morning service where the people you had a problem with weren't there, and you still decided to stay away. don't put it on other people, especially for the fact that you had 10 people at your house (some of which still attend our church) who still love you guys.

WoundedHealer said...

Hey Frank! Happy Birthday you old fart!! Didn't even know it was your birthday until I read the blog - I bet you are even grayer too! Spoken from the "gray one" himself.

Sounds like the BBQ was a good one:)

Hey Robin - Hope all is well with your family.


HotMama said...

Hi pete I will pass you birthday wishes to Frank. We are fine I hope you guys are too. Good to hear from you. I want to tell that I am very sorry if my words hurt you and/or Jen that was not my intentions.

Anonymous said...

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