24 June 2005

Baby and Sex

These seem to be the only two things on my mind lately. The baby because I worship his 20 inch body and Sex because it has been so long since I've gotten any! I was on pelvic rest from about 8 weeks of pregnancy to 35 weeks. When I could have it I was not so into it! Who can be into it when there is fully developed human being between you and the man that put said human being there. My relationship with my husband was founded on sex and I want it back. I am not talking about the purpose driven sex we had for a year to conceive the most perfect baby in the world. I am talking the dirty nasty drunk sex that made us fall in love to begin with.

This post was not only typed one handed as I nurse perfect baby but inspired by RitaPita and the sweaty dirty firemen of Columbia county. Must see RitaPita's latest post to get that.


RitaPita said...

drrrrty fireman. they are everywhere these days.

Jeffs place said...

I am in the same boat as you. It has been years for me since the dirty nasty drunk sex scene. My wife is more into the romance thing. She is kinda a prude about the wild stuff. Too bad. Wild stuff has a time and place too. Found your place through Rita, Congrats on the new kiddo.

RitaPita said...

oh wow.. jeff is here.

jeff is fun and funny.. check out his blog, you'll love him.

watch out for robin. shes hormonal.

HotMama said...

thanks jeff! Have you tried spiking her her drink she has with dinner. Maybe she is a wildcat lurking underneath the "prude." Maybe she just dosn't know what she is missing. Sorry that is my inner drunk slut talking!

You are right Rita I am so hormonal right now. I am giving Frank you bedroom "money" eyes. I don't know if it is the fact I havn't had any or the fact he is so fuckin cute with that baby.

RitaPita said...

telling the secrets of my dirty money bedroom eyes on your blog? i think you just started a duel.

HotMama said...

Bring it on SISTA!!!!! I aint scared. Besides there is nothing you can tell on me that I would not tell myself!

laurenbove said...

Isn't it frustrating when a couple has one horny wild person and one prudish delicate one? Sadly I have always been the former and married only the latter. What's wrong with me? Am I addicted to pain?