21 June 2005


I would like to start by thanking everyone for their well wishes on the birth of the most gorgous baby in the world. (if you see his big brothers and tell them I said that I will tell them not believe people that read blogs of people who can't spell!!!!) And on that spelling subject I truly apologize for my awlful spelling. I would like to say it will get better now that I am sleeping slightly more and not itching to death but that would be a lie. I have never been known for my spelling, or math for that matter. But you can ask me anything about serial killers and I can fill you in on the why, when, and where. Go ahead ask me.......I am that good! I also hate the spell check that comes with blogger I would rather look like a dumb ass than use that thing.

OK now back to the title:

I am a part of message board of the Doctor that performed my Tubal Reversal. I have been reading and posting on this board for three years in October. Post are usually limited to comments and questions about trying to conceive after you get the surgery with annoucements of pregnancies and births of the "star" babies. Well being the proud and happy mother that I am I went on and posted a link to this site so that I could share the pics that Rita put on for me last week. Well, my post up and dissapeared before I logged back on again. When I tried to find it I was told it did not exist. So I posted another one asking where my post and link went and was informed that I could not link people from that site to mine because of my "sexual language and links to adult sites" Great day I feel like a porn star selling my goods. What a bunch of dumb asses! The sad thing is I havn't even begun to write the really "racey" things. Let me put it this way....left hand on bible and right hand in swear position...... I promise to do exactly that. Anyone know any really good adult sites I can link to. The raunchier the better. Don't want to dissapoint.

I will try to be back soon I have fussy baby needing some yummy milk filled titty. (can you imagine the googling hits I will get from that last sentance.)

Debbie from Dallas (See how many of you get that. Warning: May show your age if you do!)_


RitaPita said...

you are too cute. and too funny.

censored! rage against the machine! raise your fist, your leaky boob, and fight fight fight!!

i think i am going to call you now...

i am angry for you.

you big 'ol slut you.

laurenbove said...

Oh guys, don't get too upset. I have a friend who cannot view my blog at work because it contains "Adult Content."

So fucking what.

Post what you want to say. We want to read it. Don't try and fit in with the bitchy mommas.


RitaPita said...

i hate the bitch mommas.

love the hot mamas though.

thanks for being so great today robin! you make a good cry on the phone shoulder.

marybishop said...

Here's to Hot Mamas, to boobs leaking or not...and screw censorship - it doesn't belong in a free society!

Those women on the board are missing a lot including Roman's beautiful little face and your adorable little belly which is now all gone...their loss.

HotMama said...

Amen to that Mary!!!!!

Don't worry Lauren, I got over people geting upset about stuff like that a long time ago. I do find it funny though.....I love the idea of being censored......it makes me feel naughty!

RitaPita said...

it makes you feel naughty?

*blink blink*

who's running the phone sex line now?

HotMama said...

Naughty was Frank's word he was standing over my shoulder. Sleep deprivation looked up and smiled and said "Thanks."

RitaPita said...

sure, sure.. blame it on sleep deprivation and frank.