24 June 2005

Is That Your Bush Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Rita says that I am very brave to post this picture. I say this will be the best picture I will ever post. I didn't even have to suck in my gut when she took this. My gut was my perfect son. This was taken the last hour before we walked out the door for my induction. My other boys were upstairs sleeping as I got naked for the first time in front of my best friend. I stood there saying "Don't get my face." as she and Frank snapped away.

FYI: Rita cropped a tremendous amount of bush from this photo. That was the only thing I was embarrassed about, being the former stripper and all, I have been VERY well groomed for many years now. But since about 5 months of pregnancy I gave up. Kinda hard to maintain what you can't see anymore. I have informed my husband, once action on the playing field commences, the field will mowed properly. TMI, right? Sorry, I do that sometimes. Well actually all the time.

Hot Mam a


Kristina said...

That is a beautiful photo. Be proud.

RitaPita said...

damn it, kris got here first. hi kris!

robin, you are brave. and bee-u-ti-ful in these phots. (in real life to, but you know what i mean)

HotMama said...

Boy Kris,
You are up mighty early on a Sunday to look at naked pregnancy pictures! Thanks girly. How is my nurse doing after her week of nursing school? I am VERY proud of you.

You are the one for the greatness of how I look in the picture you took it!

marybishop said...

Gorgeous photo of a beautiful pregnant body!

These types of photos are the rage here in the northeast...photographers specialize in the naked pregnant belly photos.

Your's could win a prize!

HotMama said...

did you hear that Rita? You should check into that you could win a prize.....You like surprises! You are becoming a really good photographer

HotMama said...

I know you like surprises but I meant o say prizes. Boty do I need some uninterupted sleep

Jeffs place said...

I am always lured to the nekkid pictures bait. It is cool that you are comfortable with your bod and can remember this special time. Hows the kiddo treatin you?

HotMama said...

Thanks Jeff Roman is great. Having another one 12 years after my youngest is been great and tiring. I feel 35 these days I am so tired but I also feel like I am doing such a better job than I did when I was in my early 20's. I am more patient and really try to enjoy every little moment with him! I know that these moments will be gone before I know it.

Jeffs place said...

Words to live by Hot. It is a great time. Savor it. I quit at 40. I dont want them being born calling me gramp. I am really diggin my time with my little guys. They say and do the coolest things every day!!

Sarah said...


You look gorgeous!!! Wow... I can't believe it still. Enjoy them... Sophia is so big now.

Sorry, I haven't been by lately. The kid has sniffles, and I want to play it safe since Roman is so liddle.