15 June 2005

Roman Is Here!

Frank, Robin and The Boys

The Night Before


Sleepy Roman

Sleeping Soundly

Roman Feet

Roman Feet


marybishop said...

Came from Ritapita's to say

Welcome to the world little Roman -- Look at all his gorgeous hair!

Congratulations on your new baby boy.

Kris said...

If he is not the cutest thing I have ever seen then I have no idea what is! Robin, he is beautiful. He is absolutely beautiful. You are allowed to keep popping out as many boys as you want as long as they are all that cute!!!

Love you, Congratulations, and Wow... he's adorable.

RitaPita said...

and can you believe.. he is even cuter in person? he looks like a little cabbage patch doll with those chubby cheeks!

laurenbove said...

Wow, what a cute belly hot mama had! Roman is even cuter. Happy Birthday baby!

Dottie said...