27 April 2005

Rita Rocks

Just had to say how much I appreciate Rita. She came today and helped me make sense of the baby's room, now it is ready to be painted and have furniture moved into. Once that room is done I think I am going to love it.

I pulled out my grandmother's rocking chair and with a coat of paint and one of the spokes on the back fixed it is going to perfect to rock my little angel butt. I love the fact that this chair belongs to my grandmother and if she can not rock Roman in I can for her.

In a unrelated topic, I am sure that no one cares but me, Constantine got kicked off American Idol tonight !! I am so happy about this. I literally danced around the room. That is one less person standing between my boyfriend Bo Bice and him winning the title of American Idol. Strangely enough this particular topic has given Frank's sister and I something to talk about. Every week after the results show I call her or she calls me to discuss who got kicked off and how we feel about it. It is the only thing that she and I have ever really talked about, so I will take it.


RitaPita said...

ahhh... i rock! Thanks Robin! (this message wa posted by someone who really shouldn't be on her computer)

valley queen said...

i liked constatine too..........waaaaah! : (