22 April 2005

Too Much Pressure

Rita that title goes to you! You have built this up to a level I will not be able to stand up to. So I am just going to get this first post over with.

My inner blogger is very excited to be doing this. I hope that I can write wonderful things that make people laugh, enjoy, and sometimes get really pissed off. However if I piss you off you must still be nice and not comment ugly things to me because I am pregnant and you might make me cry!

Now for a very funny Nelson story:

Seeing how my ever growing large belly is making the steps in my house look like Mt. Everest I have been making the boys give me good night kisses downstairs and then they have been tucking themselves in for a couple of weeks. Well......the other night Nelson was giving me a good night kiss and he turned to go upstairs......

I said to him "Are you gonna kiss Frank goodnight?" He then turned on his heels and fell on the phone. He stood up and said "I kissed the phone with my butt." And without missing a beat he poked his butt out at Frank and said "You want some?"

1 comment:

RitaPita said...

Not Fair! I don't think ONE sentance on my blog equals implies pressure. Just excited, thats all. What did I tell you yesturday? Too funny, too smart, too cool...

God, I love Nelson!