26 April 2005

Roman's Early arrival

I had my doctor's appt. yesterday and all is well. We saw a very fat healthy baby boy on our sonogram. I even think that he has hair. My ob said that in 4 weeks we are going to do a amnio and if Mr. Roman's lungs are matured she is going to induce. I can't believe it. I just hope we make it four more weeks I have been having signs of premature labor and have spent hours hooked up to machines at the hospital making sure that I am not labor....so far so good. After all the complications I am so worried. I have this thing called Cholestasis of prenancy. Long story short, something is wrong with my liver, but only during pregnany. The major risk of this is the chance of still birth goes up after 36 weeks of gestation. So we have to get that little booger out as soon as possible. I can not imagine anything happening to him after coming this far. Sooooo.......... it looks like the baby will be here at the end of May and not June. Yeah!!!!!!!


valley queen said...

if you can make it the first of june we could combine birthdays..........hi sexy its pam .i love you .

laurenbove said...

man plans, god laughs. glad your baby is here and well.